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 We can repair your pc on the spot at an affordable rates in Malaysia.

Every one of our pc repair technicians has experience and are 100% qualified to perform the job. So don’t worry, you can call us with confidence!

Why Should I Repair My PC with us?

We Provide you with Malaysia’s most competative price and service. If you have issue or problem with your PC, feel free to call US. Besides that, we also provide consultation on the cost of repair and the minimum repair cost you need to pay in order to get your PC alive. 
Apart from that, our technician are well trained, they can provide you with fast repair services so that you wont be stuck with your business operation just because a pc failure. Call us NOW !!!

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Totally great. My Dell laptop battery worn off, and i thought it was something to do with the old pc performance. The technician from Handymen Malaysia trouble shoot it and help me save the hassle of buying a new one. Thanks alot.

Lee Feng

Customize my rig here. They provide full fledge of services ranging from service repair till customize PC – Rig. Peace of mind from purchase till maintaning my PC.


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